The 155 Club

Introducing the Big Rail 155 Club.

Big Rail Brewing has been brewing unique and tasty brews for the Harmony Inn for about 2 years, and the time has come for us to expand… but we need your help. We’re offering a one-time chance to help support the growth of our brewery from a small-but-mighty contract brewing company into an independent manufacturing business and local destination. Before we share the details, here’s a bit about our vision:

Big Rail Brewing will be situated on a little plot of land near Grove City, Pennsylvania… out in the country, but not so far out that you’re at all bothered to drive there. With a rustic barn-like construction, the brewery building will invite you to not just grab a nice refreshing drink, but to stay for a while and enjoy the company and fresh air. The front-facing section of the building will be a cozy tap room, with a bar, fire place, and comfortable tables and benches. Most of the time, the menu will be primarily appetizers and light foods like wraps and flatbread pizza. Certain days of the week when we expect more visitors, there will be another source of food such as a food truck or catering service. When the weather’s nice, there will be large garage-style doors that we can open wide and let in a fresh breeze, as well as a beer garden among the trees with additional seating.

We have identified a perfect piece of soil in which to plant Big Rail, but to effectively carry out the above vision we need some help with the down payment on the land. That’s why we’re looking for some friends and family who might be interested in supporting us.

Here is what we’re offering, if you’d like to become a 155 Club Member and help us get off the ground:

  • You fund us with a donation for $1000.
  • In return, you will get credit for 500 pints of beer, redeemable starting when we have a grand opening.
  • You’ll be essentially pre-purchasing beer at $2 per pint: a savings of $3 off the average pint price.
  • You can use your credit to purchase pints, or the equivalent amount of beer in the form of growlers or kegs.
  • Members of the 155 Club will automatically become lifetime members of our mug club, with your own mug, invitations to exclusive events, and other benefits we’ll reveal later.
  • If you would like to help but can’t afford the $1000, don’t worry: since this is our first round of funding, we will be offering another chance to get beer at a discount. However, we’ll never again open up membership to the 155 Club, and future discounts will be smaller.
  • We’re limiting the 155 Club to 30 members, and we expect the roster to fill up quickly.
  • When at the bar, we ask that you only spend your credits on yourself and one other person.
  • Additionally we ask that you limit your spending to about 10 pints per week (with the exception of kegs).

If you’re interested, please contact us:

Contact Form / Email: [email protected]