• Hella Dank ( 6.2% ABV; 4 SRM; ?? IBU ) - A New England style IPA: Cloudy, crisp, and yes, dank... with the clean but earthy undertones of Eureka hops.  It looks like a glass of orange juice, but tastes like a glass of hop juice!
  • Dark Entity ( 10.5% ABV; 52 SRM; 70 IBU ) - This super roasty toasty brew flirts with subtle notes of coffee and dark chocolate all the while warming your belly with an ABV somewhere above 10%.
  • Harmony Light ( 4.4% ABV; 3.6 SRM; 27 IBU ) - A smooth, crisp, refreshing Kölsch-style ale, inspired by a trip to Köln and brewed with German Perle hops. Don't let the "light" part fool you: This is a beer-drinker's light beer.
  • Some Kinda Wünderful ( 5.5% ABV; 35 SRM; 35 IBU ) - This is a rich, creamy oatmeal (heavy on the oatmeal) stout, infused with cold-pressed coffee from the Wunderbar just across the street. Even though it's served ice cold, it'll warm you up!
  • Good Night Judy ( 7.5% ABV; 15 SRM; 30 IBU ) - Good Night Judy is a brown ale that's brewed with holiday spices. It tastes a bit like a malty ginger snap, but it's subtle enough to enjoy all the way until bed time.
  • Daisy Duke Crush ( 5.1% ABV; 2 SRM; 27 IBU ) - A blonde ale brewed with noble hops, Chamomile flowers, and ultra-smooth Kolsch yeast. A great summertime beer for cookouts and river floats.
  • Donna’s Farmhouse Ale ( 5.1% ABV; 5 SRM; 35 IBU ) - A light and refreshing Saison brewed with wheat and rye. It’s got a nice malty body and just a touch of hoppy aroma thanks to the unique Sorachi Ace hops.
  • The Bizniss IPA ( 5.8% ABV; 5 SRM; 70 IBU ) - This IPA was named by a fan at a brew fest before we’d even thought about naming it. The in-your-face but earthy hoppyness comes thanks to a blend of Citra and the new experimental Eureka hops.
  • Black Knuckle ( 6.8% ABV; 30 SRM; 103 IBU ) - What we’re calling an “India Dark Ale,” this is our take on the “Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale” craze. It’s not quite like any that we’ve tried though, sporting both robust smoky flavors and equally strong pine and citrus Simcoe aromas.