Blue Collar Homebrew Day 2020

Fire up your brew kettles! We’re bringing back Homebrew Day in 2020.

The plan is simple: You bring your brewery, we bring the ingredients.

On May 16th, we’ll gather together and brew many small batches of beer (we’re looking for around 5-10 gallon batches). Then we’ll combine the finished wort all into a single 3bbl fermenter and pitch yeast.

When the beer is ready to serve, we’ll throw a release party at the Big Rail Property and the proceeds from the sale of the batch (after materials are paid for) will be used to start up the Blue Collar Born & Built annual scholarship fund.

We’ll continue building up this fund over the course of the next year through other events, and beginning with the class of 2021 we’ll award a scholarship to a talented graduating high school senior who has decided to pursue a career in a skilled trade, music, or the arts.

UPDATE: We’ve already reached our 100 gallon capacity, so we took down the signup form. If you were slow on the draw, keep an eye out for the next one.

Homebrew Day 2017 was a huge success! Thanks to all who participated.