Who is Big Rail Brewing?

Founded as a humble homebrewing project in 2013, Big Rail Brewing quickly grew into a nano-brewery which produced beer exclusively for the Harmony Inn restaurant in Harmony, PA for two years. Now, we’re turning an even bigger dream into reality: a rustic brewpub, beer garden, and music venue nestled in the countryside near Grove City, PA.

I’ve heard good things. Where can I get your beer?

Until we’re open, you’ll only be able to get samples at brew fests and other promotional events in the western Pennsylvania area.  Keep an eye on our events page and social media for updates!

When will the beer be available?

We’re shooting for a grand opening sometime in 2019. Follow our progress on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Why the name ‘Big Rail’?

Big Rail is a nickname for 155-pound and 152-pound rail. That’s 155 pounds per linear yard. Heavy-duty stuff. The heavier the rail, the heavier the freight it can handle. It also won’t wear as quickly. Big Rail is also called “Pennsylvania Special” because it originated with Pennsylvania railroads. Likewise, we started brewing in the mountains of Pennsylvania, and we wanted a name that takes us back to our roots.