Music Booking

Big Rail Brewing was founded by musicians with good taste in music (and beer). So we have high expectations and are looking for serious bands and solo artists who are a solid match for the Big Rail vibe. Please read our submission guidelines below and then fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you’d like a chance to perform!

  • Typically we want a performance to consist of 120-160 mins of material, usually in the form of a 3 hour concert with a set break in the middle.
  • Most, if not all, of your show should be original music. Rarely, we hold special events where cover bands play, but only if their spin on the material is truly unique (or uniquely true).
  • Your music should be family-friendly and upbeat but not overly aggressive. Bands we like the most are well versed in multiple genres such as blues, folk, rock, americana, country, bluegrass, funk, jam, jazz, or something unknown but somehow relatable. Danceability is a plus. Variety is also a plus.
  • You should have a professional-looking, easy-to-navigate website we can send our patrons to for more information about you. If you only have a Facebook page, that makes you look unserious.
  • You should have an EPK (electronic press kit), preferably in the form of a page on your web site, which contains a brief but well-written band bio and some high-resolution professionally-taken press photos, all of which you’re ok with having copied & pasted into promotional materials (our web site, social media, print posters, etc).
  • Either on your EPK page or elsewhere on your website, you should provide some high-quality videos of recent performances or professionally-produced music videos, with excellent sound quality. We need to know what you actually sound like!
  • Priority will be given to bands with a regional or national tour schedule. (Talk to us about lodging, we can usually help out.)
  • Keep in mind that while we love to discover cool new bands, your first time around we might not be able to pay you quite as much as you’re looking for. But once we get to know you and you gain a following in our region, that will change… we’re not cheapskates. We’ve developed relationships with bands who played for 15 people their first time at Big Rail, and within a couple years were headlining one of our mini-festivals.

Book Your Band

  • If you'd like a chance to perform at Big Rail, please fill out the form below. Another option is to show up to an open mic night and impress the crowd!

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