The Big Rail Story

All the way back in 2005, we brewed our first batch of beer on an old farmhouse stove. We didn’t realize it then, but the seed was planted for a lifetime of brewing.

Through the years, the beer we made on the stove was great, and when it wasn’t, we learned from it. But we knew that if we wanted to brew for a wider audience, we would need professional experience. So starting in 2015, we began brewing house beers for the Harmony Inn restaurant, located in Harmony Pennsylvania. This gave us the opportunity to feature our favorite recipes which we had developed during the previous decade. As we hoped, our beers were well received and kept improving thanks to continual feedback from the public. But in spite of the great connections and impressions we made there, a much more ambitious dream grew in the back of our minds.

Inspired by regular visits to the family camp in the Pennsylvania Wilds, we began to envision a brewery tucked away in the woods. So in the Autumn of 2017, when the opportunity arose, we secured the ideal spot near our stomping grounds of Grove City, Pennsylvania: 12 beautiful wooded acres located near the crossroads of Interstate 79 and 80. During the time that’s passed since then, we’ve reshaped the overgrown forest into a comfortable nook where our tap room and brewery will rest. We’ve saved the downed trees for lumber, collected old barn stones, planted hops and new trees, and will continue to reuse and repurpose everything the land gives us.

With construction progress moving much more slowly than we’d hoped, we realized in the summer of 2019 that we needed to take action quickly and get some beer in the public’s hands, beyond the brew fests and other promotional events we’ve done for years. So we got a license for a small 3-barrel production space in nearby Volant, and that’s where we brew now. But since it’s not open to the public, we’ve also begun hosting regular events at the future brewery location just outside of Grove City to offer a preview of what’s to come: Check our events page to see what’s happening at The Property and join us for Big Rail beer, great food, music, and bonfires in the woods. Additionally, we’ve got beer on tap at several western Pennsylvania restaurants, and we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to set up shop at special events abroad.

When completed, Big Rail’s Grove City tap room will be a down-to-earth structure where you’ll be able to enjoy a few refreshing pints among the outdoors. Being musicians ourselves, of course we’ll have regular musical guests, turntable nights, and other unique and inspiring forms of entertainment. We’ll be featuring simple, picnic-style food items, hand-tailored from fresh ingredients by local food vendors. And of course, the Pints at the Property tradition will continue to grow.