Concert & Event FAQ’s

Are your shows outdoors or indoors?

Big Rail has an indoor tap room and can accommodate small acts inside, however our concerts featuring full bands are outdoors, rain or shine (even in winter). Keep an eye on the weather and dress appropriately!

What happens if a show gets canceled or rescheduled?

We’ll only cancel or reschedule a ticketed event in the case of severe, dangerous weather or other major act of God that makes it impossible to proceed. In such a case, we’ll make an announcement through all of our communication channels: social media, email, and on our web site. If a ticketed show is canceled, your ticket will be refunded automatically.

Free concerts will be canceled or rescheduled from time to time if the weather isn’t looking favorable. We want to put bands in front of a good crowd, so rescheduling is often better than having them play in front of no one. Again, in such a case, we’ll make an announcement through our communication channels and update the web site.

What seating is available? Is there a wheelchair-accessible area?

There are picnic tables and benches in the fire pit areas, however all available seating is first-come-first-serve, so bringing a lawn chair is recommended. There is nearby ADA accessible parking and restrooms. Navigating a wheelchair through the grass is possible but may be difficult by onesself.

Can I bring my own food or alcohol?

Per Pennsylvania law, ALL outside alcohol is prohibited and if you have so much as a suspicious looking container you may be asked to leave. Food trucks will be on site and we ask that you patronize them, but small snacks are OK and if you have special dietary needs you may bring in your own food.

Can I bring my kids? My dog? My goat?

Big Rail is friendly to all families and leashed, well-behaved pets. Per Pennsylvania law, anyone under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 25. For ticketed events, kids 12 and under get in FREE. There is a giant sandbox, yard games, and space for kids to run, however we must stress that you need to keep an eye on your kids, and keep your pets leashed, as property damage will not be tolerated.

Will tickets be on sale the day of a show?

Generally speaking you’ll be able to get tickets at the box office unless the show sells out. However, we definitely recommend getting tickets beforehand so you don’t have to wait in line as long. Additionally, tickets sold day-of at the box office may have an increased price compared to buying through Eventbrite (typically $5 above the Eventbrite price).

Are tickets refundable?

If you can’t make it to the show, refunds will be issued (through Eventbrite) up until the day before.

What kind of beer / alcohol do you serve?

We’ve got you covered. Big Rail makes everything from light beers to dark stouts, hoppy IPAs and malty reds, sours, saisons, and seasonals. So you’ll probably find something you like. We also have a gluten-free hard cider option and feature guest wine and spirits made in PA.